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How to Choose the Optical Power Meter

Optical power meter is an indispensable tool for fiber testing, designed for fast and easy optical power testing and measurement. A variety of optical power meters are available on the market. What factors should be considered in selecting the optical power meter?

Factors of Optical Power Meter Selection
In the market,Optical power meter comes have different designs. The most commonly used are handheld optical power meters which are easily portable in any installation and testing environments. During the selection of optical power meter, application, calibrated wavelengths, interface type and measurement range are the factors that must be considered.
1.Application: Optical power meter can test the absolute optical power in normal fiber optic link and fiber optic devices. However, there are also optical power meters which are designed for special applications, like PON optical power meter and CWDM optical power meter, which can provide fast and easier power measurement for the corresponding applications.
2.Wavelength Range and Calibrated Wavelengths: Every optical power meter supports a certain range of wavelengths, which are usually ranging from 800nm to 1700nm. If more accurate optical power value is required, it is suggested to calibrate to power meter to the same wavelengths that the devices are running one before testing the optical power. The most commonly used wavelengths are 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, etc. Thus, both the supported wavelength range and calibrated wavelengths should be considered.
3.Measurement Range: The certain range of optical power that an optical power meter can test should also be considered. Generally, the optical power that optical power meter can measure is ranging from -70dBm to +30dBm.
4.Interface Type: A length of fiber patch cable is usually used to connect the port on optical power meter with the corresponding port of devices for fiber optic testing. The optical adapter interfaces on the optical power meters could be fixed ones. For instance, many optical power meter usually has just one FC adapter. In case you don’t have the patch cords terminated with the corresponding fiber optic connector, optical power meters equipped with several replaceable adapters are also available. There are also optical power meters for multi-fiber interfaces like MPO/MTP.

When you consider the above factors, you should know to choose the Optical Power Meter!
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