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Mounting Method of ADSS Special-purpose Joint-box

After the installation of each drum of cable is completed, sufficient length of redundant cable must be remained on the pre-determined cable jointing poles or towers. The redundant cable is coiled on the redundant cable tray and the diameter of the cable tray should meet the bending radius requirement of the ADSS. In addition the special-purpose joint-box for ADSS, KSD employed so that good electromagnet aging resistance and damage resistance against external force are achieved.

ADSS Splice Closure

Mounting Method:
Step 1: Tidying up the pre-remained cable, cutting off damaged or excessive cable, stripping the pair of cables to be jointed, and taking account of remaining sufficient length of loose tubes.

Step 2: Taking the stripped cable through the cable entering hole, using the cable fixture out of the base to fix the ADSS, letting the loose tubes getting into the fiber tray and binding them tightly using Nylon binding tape.

Step 3:Fixing the central strength member of the ADSS in the strength member bracket,removing the loose tubes, cleaning fibers gently using alcohol immersed cotton, then spool the fibers in the fiber tray, slipping a thermal shrinkable tube over any one of The pair of fibers to be spliced, after the fibers being fusion spliced, slipping the thermal shrinkable tube to the position so that the splice of the fibers will be in the middle of the thermal shrinkable tube, heating the thermal shrinkable tube and making it being melted together with the fibers, finally press the protected fiber splice into one of the fiber distribution grooves.

Step 4: Putting the pre-remained fibers uniformly into the fiber distribution grooves, after all the fibers are spliced (in general from bottom gradually up to top), covering a cover over the top layer. Wrapping a self-adhesive tape at the cable entry position, then fixing the cable using semicircular clamper based on the cable diameter, and sealing with adhesive. Covering the joint-box cap and linking up the locking tape, straining the two sides uniformly utilizing screws so that getting them combined tightly.

Step 5: The joint-box is mounted in the appropriate position of the main material or declined material of the pole or tower, having a certain height from the ground. It is necessary to prevent from man-made and mechanical destroying. The mounting should be firm and keep unified all over the link.

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