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ADSS Cable Tension Clamp Installtion guide

Tension Clamp It is mainly mounted on terminal poles or towers, tension resistant poles or towers, angle poles or towers for turning angle more than 60°, or the poles and towers with large height difference. When the ADSS is fixed on poles or towers, it can sustain relatively large tension. The preformed deadend clamps can provide relatively large holding force, while ensure the ADSS being within the range of its allowable crush resistance. Generally, each pole or tower is provided with two sets of tension clamps, and the terminal pole or tower is provided with one set of it The standard tensionclamp should include: internal layer structural reinforcing rods, outer layer preformed rods, thimble clevis, U-shape ring, extension link, bolt, nut, etc.

ADSS Cable Tension Clamp

The Mounting Method of Tension Clamp:
Step 1: Mounting internal layer structural reinforcing rod. The mounting position depends on the sag and tension of the cable which have finished adjustment, and the two ends of the mounted internal layer structural reinforcing rods should be even.

Step 2: Mounting outer layer preformed rods. During the mounting process, there is a mark on the middle part of the outer layer preformed rods, this mark will show you to symmetrically wind for two ends when mounting the outer layer preformed rods.

Step 3: Mounting thimble clevis. The mounting position will be in the mark place on the outer layer preformed rods.

Step 4: Mounting first U-shape ring.

Step 5: Mounting extension link.

Step 6: Mounting second U-shape ring, it is linked together with the fasteners of the pole or tower.
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