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Installation & instruction for ADSS Suspension Clamp

Scope of application:Suspension Clamp for Short Span ADSS

Installation Steps:
1.Make a suspension mark on cable by a handing point;

2.Dismantle suspension M12 bolt, loose M8 bolt in the middle of tangent clamp, make the tangent clamp center aimed at cable’s hanging point made in step 1;

3.Adjust its lug upward, screw up M8 bolt in the middle of clamp, compress cable, not damage it;

4.Insert M12 bolt into screw hole at the lug top of suspension clamp, and through anchor shackle, screw up, set up pin;

5.Fasten anchor shackle onto pole clamp, set up pin;

6.Installation is over.

1.Suitable for a span≤100m; 

2.Installing the product should be operated by professional; 

3.If in doubt, please contact us.

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