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Installation & instruction for ADSS Tension clamp

Scope of application:Tension Dead-end for Short Span ADSS

Installation Steps:
1.Assemble Anchor shackle and thimble clevis togethe;

2.Fix Anchor shackle onto a hanging point;

3.Pull one end of structural reinforcing rod through thimble clevis;

4.Make both legs of structural reinforcing rod paralleled with cable, make a crossover mark on cable at its color mark position;

5.Make the structural reinforcing rod installation color mark aligned to the cable crossover mark done in step 4, wind one leg of structural reinforcing rod for 1-2 pitches from the crossover mark;

6.Wind another leg for 1-2 pitches as the same beginning from crossover mark;

7.Meanwhile, wind its both legs until about 20-30cm from the end of the structural reinforcing rods;

8.For convenience, tear the part of about 20-30cm from the end of the structural reinforcing rods into smaller subsets winding;

9.Make sure all structural reinforcing rods are level, natural and even;

10.Installation is over.

1.Select tension clamp model according to cable’s outer diameter, rated tensile strength (or span), etc.;

2.In moving and installation, the tension clamp’s structural reinforcing  rod shall be avoided from extrusion, severe impact and deformation;

3.As matching components, tension clam shall not be changed randomly, not be used repeatedly;

4.If in doubt, please contact us.

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