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OPGW cable fittings installation method

KSD Cable is Not only the production of opgw cable also provides OPGW fittings. Next to introduce the OPGW various fittings installation method the installation of tension clamp.

OPGW after tension assembly can be divided into two kinds of installation, one from the hanging point along the tower (or outlet structure) cited under the different cable OPGW or with the station to guide the fiber optic cable connection; Around the other side of the tension clamp to form the same section on both sides of the same cable tray OPGW through the connection. The former set of each set of anti-sheet metal assembly corresponding to the installation of a ground wire, the latter both sides of the tension with gold, only the installation of a ground wire.

The installation steps are as follows:
1. with a traction device to adjust the cable sag, the pole in the fixed connection with gold;

2. will be stamped with a piece of twisted wire wear in the transition ring with the heart ring, so that the outer wire and cable parallel to the outer wire in the color mark to the cable to mark;

3. the inner wire and cable marking alignment, from the middle to both ends of the orderly winding inner layer of pre-twisted wire, the winding direction and the outer direction of the cable opposite, must be a tight fit, and the cable fit close, Open the first group of pre-twisted wire around the cable, use the color mark, around the other pre-twisted wire (or insert the ground); to ensure that all the pre-twisted wire tightly together, pre-twisted wire Department of neat, winding gap evenly, to prevent excessive force caused by pre-twisted wire bending deformation and affect the pitch; the outer strand into the embedded ring, the cross-twisted symbols and the twisted wire cross-color alignment, start winding Outside the wire, whether it is the first part of the wound or two parts at the same time winding, must ensure that the gap between the two parts even;

The installation of the suspension clamp:
Straight pole tower suspension OPGW with hanging wire clip, including hanging wire clip, inside and outside the pre-twisted wire and rubber liner.

1. in the hanging fixed point on the OPGW made a mark, will have done a center mark of a group of twisted wire aligned to the ends of the winding, in all the twisted wire are around, hand around the end in place;

2.align the center of the rubber clip 2 with the center of the inner strand and fix it with an insulating tape. Along the rubber clip block curve and then outside the wire around, pay attention to the wire gap to be uniform, do not cross;

3. align the center of the casing with the center mark of the outer wire and fit the sleeve into one, wear the bolt and fasten it. Connect the hook hook, hang the bolt and hang it on the tower;

Installation of anti-vibration hammer:
Each anti-vibration hammer must be installed by a group of manufacturers to provide the protection of lines, and anti-vibration hammer line of the end of the wire with a pre-twisted wire end distance greater than 70mm; anti-vibration hammer low-frequency side of the big hammer installed in the tower towards the end of the tower Must also use the torque wrench, the torque value of 8 ~ 10N-m;

Lead down the installation of the clip:
When the cable to be open to lead to the junction box, the cable under the wire clip should lead the wire clip lead to the junction box Unicom; do not need to disconnect the cable tension tower, cable jumpers need to jump directly, using 2 The OPGW jumper is mounted on the ground wire. Note that the cable clamp should be installed firmly to ensure that the OPGW does not touch the ground wire. Tighten, to reserve a certain length.

The junction box is installed at a height of about 7m from the ground, as far as possible in the easy place to fill the line, such as the tower on the grid surface;

Ground wire installation:
The ground wire consists of an aluminum alloy wire and an aluminum alloy ditch clamp (connected to OPGW) and a tin-copper transition material made of wire nose (tower). Mainly used as OPGW ground, for short-circuit current to provide access. Grounding wire and fittings, the connection of the tower should be good contact, the length of appropriate, easy to solve the measurement of ground wire resistance. Paint the tower at the junction to remove the paint film.

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