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Optical fiber terminal box is widely used

Joint closure
Fiber terminal box to place the water, exposure or aging phenomenon, only to do maintenance work can effectively reduce the probability of occurrence of failure.
Fiber terminal box is poor waterproof performance is due to weather reasons, caused by water break, causing a large area of ​​power outages, after each rainy day there is always fiber splicing box burn failure, increasing the workload of repair.
Fiber terminal box is easy to water is due to the small internal space, 35 square millimeters of cable power into the line with plastic expansion tube to be fixed, there is no room for waterproof bends, as well as rain along the cable to the live terminal, Terminal clearance is small, insulation measures are not in place, easy to short-circuit after water. Coupled with the cable design of the defective box itself, surrounded by cooling holes, wiring holes, in the rain and became the water hole.
But also on the use of low-voltage optical fiber connection box should be checked and maintained on time, in time to re-crimp the wire within the box, the insulation strength of re-treatment, has been damaged or not enough insulation, aging of the wire in a timely manner, if necessary, Box, to prevent wiring too much.
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