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How to determine the quality of ODF?

ODF unit box is a high-density, high-capacity design of the product, with a nice appearance, reasonable distribution, easy to find, easy management, easy installation and good operability and so on. ODF unit box with cable fixing and protection function, cable termination function, transfer line function, and fiber optic cable core and pigtail protection. Can be equipped with a separate fiber patch panel, but also with the digital wiring unit, audio wiring unit installed in a cabinet / rack. Constitute an integrated patch panel. The equipment configuration is flexible, easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to manage, is the optical fiber optic cable network terminal, or relay point to achieve fiber, jump fiber optic cable welding and access essential equipment.
product description

1. Material: Shell made of 1.5mm thickness of cold-rolled plate, epoxy electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance, easy to use; all plastic parts used in the anti-corrosion properties of materials, metal parts using electrostatic spray to increase its Anti-corrosion properties; material physical and chemical properties are stable and good compatibility between the materials; all materials non-toxic, non-corrosive, human health and other equipment without side effects.

2. Box color: gray

3. Specifications: 19-inch standard installation ODF unit box

4. The mechanical properties: the burning performance of plastic parts in line with the provisions of GB51697-85; fiber optic cable through the metal plate hole with a protective cover, core, pigtail radius of curvature greater than 37.5mm; cable into the chassis, the radius of curvature greater than the cable diameter 15 times.

5. Installation: either into the patch panel cabinet, but also wall mounted. 6. Application: suitable for fiber to the district, fiber to the building, the remote module and the wireless base station in the small and medium wiring system

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